Roof Repair or Roof Claim

When damage occurs to the roof of your home or business due events such as hail and wind, we can handle the entire claim process for you, worry-free. We understand the language of policies and how much you’re entitled to receive, and will fight for what you deserve.

Before you call your insurance company : contact Aon Construction

Insurance Claims

Free Insurance & Hail Claim Assistance
Don’t like handling insurance claims? We will take care of your claim for free.

We’ll also do all of the work for your insurance company’s quoted price : guaranteed with zero out-of-pocket expenses to the insured.

Our specialized assistance includes filing the claim as well. With vast experience in dealing with insurance-company adjustors, our sales staff will help complete your claim process.

Important to Remember

Weather-related claims such as hail or wind are considered an act of nature. They cannot be held against you by your insurance company.
We will only advise you on the condition of your insured losses and how we can help you. You can then make an informed decision on how you want to repair your home or business.
We use our professional experience in damage assessment and re-construction to determine a scope of work and give you our opinion of the fair repair/replacement costs.
We can then professionally contract and manage the restoration and reconstruction process, which will include skilled workmanship and quality materials.

Our Simple Process for Homeowners

Because you just want to get your damage fixed, we strive to make the settlement process as easy for you as possible. Aon works directly with your insurance company to get the maximum amount of money for your property loss claim.

Here’s how we get you paid

After a thorough review of your damages and your insurance policy, we provide our expert assessment of your covered loss.
We then deal with the insurance company on your behalf, using our strong relationships built from years of working together to get you quickly and properly compensated for every detail of your loss.
At the end of the process, you will have more money than if you had dealt with insurance on your own. And since don’t get paid until you do, our adjusters do their best to expedite your claim.

This is what we do. And we wouldn’t still be in business after more than 25 years if we didn’t excel at every aspect of the claims process.

So let us help you get the money you deserve with the least amount of stress possible.